Friday, 12 July 2013

Bourjois 10 Day Nail Varnish

Just a quick review tonight. In all honesty, I find nail reviews a bit of a cop out, because you can pick up any old nail varnish and whack it up, but I was kind of excited about this nail varnish since it's so summery and bright that I decided I'd share it with you anyway.

This is Bourjois 10 Jour (Day) Nail Varnish.

It's a deliciously blue toned pink, and I'm desperate to find a lipstick just like it to match. This nail varnish claims to stay for ten days - and comes with a slanted touch up brush. The colour goes on pretty much opaque, but it helps to add a second layer for longevity.

It comes in seven colours, but you can only buy it in two on the Boots website for some reason - here, so I'd suggest popping in to store.

Bourjois 10 Jour Nail Enamel RRP £5.99/9g

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