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Anti Blemish Week #2 - Tried and Tested Products

As the second part of anti blemish week, I'm going to share with you some of the products I absolutely know and love and think are absolutely fantastic for blemish prone skin. 

You'll see that quite a few of them are from Lush, now I am in no way a hippy dippy natural product enthusiast, but I do believe that Lush Cosmetics have a good ethic. I christmas temped with them a couple of years ago and trialled a whole load of products, and I found that they actually worked, so I wanted to share some of the gems with you.

N.B Remember, you can try all of the Lush products before buying! Just pop in to the store and ask for a sample, that way you know you'll love it!
Anti Blemish

Up first is are the Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Masks:

Now if you haven't seen these before, basically they're a mix of fruit and natural clays and essential oils, all blended up and kept in pots on ice in the store. There are two I would particularly recommend for blemish prone skin, firstly Cupcake which is great for younger, oily skins. It contains cocoa powder, peppermint extract and rhassoul mud which work really well together to absorb grease and cleanse the skin, fighting away any bacteria. And it smells absolutely divine, which is always a plus.

The next one I would recommend is Cosmetic Warrior, which is for real spotty skin. It's a garlic face mask, which sounds like the worst thing in the world to put on your face, but it smells very clean, of honey and grapes and tea tree oil, rather than garlic. I also occasionally use this on my back if I ever get a couple of spots there.

You can get them from the Lush website, or in store. They're £5.95 a pot, and you can get 6-7 uses out of them which I think is pretty good. You have to store them in the fridge, so when you apply them on your face they're nice and cooling, brilliant for summer.

Face washes:

Lush Cosmetics Angels on Bare Skin £6.25/100g 
This is a slightly strange face wash, and a bit of a novelty in the bath room. It comes in a pot in the form of what feels like putty, you break a small bit off and mix it in the palm of your hand with a bit of water to form a paste, then wash your face with it. I'm assuming they do it like this so you can get more product in the tub? Which is fine by me, as this is a go to face wash of mine, I've used it for five years and I still love it. It's slightly granula so exfoliates without being too scrubby, and is so gentle on my sensitive skin. It smells nice and fresh, but my absolute favourite thing about it, is that it makes my skin brighter, which I rarely get from products. Again you can get this from the Lush website or in store.

St Ives Apricot Blemish Control Face Scrub £3.99/150ml 
I sometimes get a bit of congestion around my chin, but I can use this for two days and it's cleared up. This is a great scrub for those who like to exfoliate on a daily basis, it's slightly more granula that I would personally use on a daily basis, but it's fantastic for when your skin's looking a bit lacklustre. St Ives is a Swiss company, and the Swiss always seem to have bright clear skin, so obviously they know what they're doing with this. You can buy it from Superdrug or Boots - link.

Body wash:

OxeDerm Anti Blemish Body Wash £9.97/100ml 
This is the only body wash I will use for blemishes, especially in summer time. I used to use Mud Flats soap from Lush, which is the best body/face product I've ever used, but they discontinued it. Boo. So this is a bit of a replacement. For a small bottle it's a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way, especially if you use a shower puff, it foams up beautifully as well. It contains salicylic acid which speedily clears up spots, and with regular use prevents them! Unfortunately you can only buy it from Amazon, but since it's free delivery that's not too much of a burden. They also sell a spray which has a few good reviews. 


Lush Cosmetics Vanishing Cream Moisturiser £17.50/45g 
Without a doubt, this is the best decision I ever made for my skin care routine. Admittedly, the price tag is huge, but the product lasts me for a good 2 - 3 months, and when I love a product this much I feel like I can justify it. It's a 'low fat' moisturiser, which doesn't clog up the pores and skins in to the skin easily, making a perfect base for make up without the need for primer. It has witch hazel, lavender and rose oils in it as well to help cleanse and balance the skin. It's an absolutely beautiful product. - link.

I hope some of you find this helpful, and if you have any particular products you use to rid yourselves of those pesky blemishes, share them below!

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