Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Anti Blemish Week #3 - Eat Your Way To Clean Skin

I'm a bit under the weather today, I have a horrific cold and a bout of reoccurring ulcers on my tongue which I cannot shake. I've also just started a new diet which is boring me to death, because I've got to limit everything, agh. So I've decided that if I talk to you about food instead, then it'll satisfy my cravings.

In all honesty, the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin, is to improve your diet. The more you look after your body on the inside, the better it'll be on the outside. 

So here's some foods that you can include in your every day diet which you can drink in teas, pop in salads or just eat for dinner.

Nettles - Anti inflammatory
Peppermint - Aids digestion, which often causes spots on chin
Fennel - Anti inflammatory and antioxidant
To pop in your salad
Beetroot - Vitamin A and E, essential for epidermal health and healing
Red Grapes - Anti Inflammatory
Acai Berries - Antioxidants
Fennel - Anti inflammatory and antioxidant
Tofu - Rich in iron, good for the blood flow
Tomatoes - aids collegen production
Avocado - Moisturising and anti inflammatory
Kale - contains all of your daily nutrients
For dinners
Brown rice - keeps blood sugar levels balanced
Garlic - Bacteria killer
Broccoli - A real super food, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, and full of fatty acids to help heal the skin
Egg yolks - Full of skin clearing selenium, zinc and protein
Salmon - Full of omega 3's, good for healing.

A lot of studies show that dairy products increase the likelihood of getting spots, so try replacing your milk with oat milk and cutting down on cheese.

And then of course we come to the tips that everyone knows, but no one ever seems to stick to:
-Drink water
-Get your vitamin D
These, more than anything with clear your skin up and increase your confidence, which, more than anything will help you.
So make sure you get some of these down you, you'll be doing yourself a favour.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to curl up with a hot water bottle and a lempsip, and watch Monday's Skins.

Tarah x

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