Monday, 14 October 2013

Growing out a bad haircut.

I'm sure every girl has a story to tell here, it's a sore subject for most of us and even looking back on distant memories of perms/colours/cuts gone wrong is probably enough to make you feel a little down, so sorry to bring up those memories - but it needs to be addressed.
This is a bit of a rant post, so please, feel free to skip ahead to the actual tips, (below the picture of Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch)

I have only been to one hair dresser all my life, but since I live in Bristol half the time, I thought it was time to be brave and branch out. Unfortunately, I had to turn to Groupon for a voucher because most hairdressers in Bristol tend to break my forty-pound-a-week budget. So I opted for a hairdressers called 'Hairticians', which wasn't the cheapest one on there, but at £26 for a half head of highlights, cut and blow dry, I thought I couldn't go wrong, boy was I mistaken.

I drove to the hairdressers, which has no parking anywhere nearby, and walked back to get there. I was booked in for ten o'clock, but when I arrived at the hairdressers at 10.10 it was shut, so I popped in to the Tesco express next door to get out of the rain and waited a good ten minutes before someone arrived to open it. I was then told I would have to pay extra if I wanted more than one colour highlight - which I had not been told when I booked the appointment - before being ushered to a chair. To give them their dues, it's a very nice hairdressers inside, all black, pink, white and chic, with floor to ceiling mirrors and pictures of people with fantastic hair on the walls. But over the next three hours, I witnessed my hairdresser shout at a man who came in to measure the floor of the salon, bitch about a client she had in the day before, and turn my shoulder length bright blonde straight hair into a khaki coloured mullet.

For serious, I came away with a mullet. Ever seen Noel Fielding's hair? That's what it looked like. And I am not even ashamed to say that I cried a little on the way home. My hair is thin anyway and she had cut the top layers to ear height and left the bottom layers wispy and shoulder length. I had asked for a trim and my layers to be tidied up, and her exact words when she pulled my hair up to do my layers were: 'Don't panic when I cut all this off' and as my mouth dropped, she severed four inches off.

Nothing could be worse about this haircut. She gave me a short fringe, which doesn't weigh down my unruly cowlicks, I have a round face and the top layers are at the exact length that they hit the widest point of my face, making it look even wider. And, well, I look like Carol Brady.

So what do you do when you have a bad haircut?

Well there is some great news, hair grows back. (About six inches a year)

And in the meantime there's some options to consider:

1. Tell your stylist. Usually, they'd prefer you to tell them if you don't like the hair cut, and they'll try and 'fix' it at no extra cost, or show you how to style it in to something you might prefer.

2. If you're like me, and are constantly afraid of offending people, you may wish to pop to a different hairdressers to have your barnet fixed, find a recommendation from a friend.

3. If you're not afraid of going shorter, try that. It will make the layers all blend a little neater.

4. Wear your hair up, try accessorising with headbands and scarves. You may as well mix it up a little, maybe you'll find something you love!

5. Wear it wavy. This will obscure the ends, and disguise the layers.

6. Stay away from heat as much as possible, this will encourage your hair to grow faster.

So for all you wonderful people who have suffered bad haircuts too, let's embrace the hair bands, top up our make up skills and hopefully distract away from the bad barnet, until our hair grows back!

Love always,

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