Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Travelling Toiletries

It's that time of year again, where holidays are coming up and, if you're unprepared like me, you're running around the shops two days before hand, looking for new books, clothes, travel sized toiletries and whatnot, without breaking the bank. So this year I've vowed to myself to be more organised.

I tend to decant my current toiletries like shampoo, cleanser, face wash etc in to smaller bottles, because then there's no break in my routine and it's a hell of a lot easier than taking full sized products. I usually pick up some disposable bottles and tubs from Primark or Boots. But this year, I decided to spend a little bit extra and pick up some of these reusable bottles and pouches from Lakeland.

These bottles are great, they're made from squishy silicon, ensuring you can get every last bit out, rinse them out and use them again next year. They also have a suction cup on the back so you can stick them to your shower wall - less fuss, less hassle, quicker showering. They come in small medium and large and are all 100ml or less, so you can even take them on the plane!

They also come with a collar saying Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shower Gel, which you twist round, making sure you know what they contain, rather than having to label them or, as I so often do, end up sniffing what's inside to try and identify it.

These bags are brilliant, as well as being the cheeriest things I've ever seen. They come in small medium and large and are perfect for filling with makeup and popping in your hand bag, so you don't loose track of things, or in your hand luggage so your passports, handgel and wipes are all in one place, and you can get all three for £7.99.

You can buy the trio of bottles here, £15.99 and the pouches here. £7.99

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