Saturday, 6 July 2013

Product Review - Korres Cleansing Face Mask

Whilst doing a little payday shopping, I decided to look for a face mask. My skin has been unfriendly as of late and in desperate need of a little soothing. I found this little number on

It's a Pomegranate Cleansing Face Mask by a Greek brand called Korres, which I've never encountered before, but am pretty sure I'll have a further peek at what goodies they produce. The masks come in a range, for all different skin types, but I picked up the one for my oily skin, and it completely surpassed all my expectations, which was a fantastic surprise!

It's made with clay and pomegranate and smells really delicate when applied, so if you don't like a lot of fragrance in your face masks, this would be good for you.

I used a tiny amount and can easily cover my whole face with it, you could probably get a good few uses out of it. The consistency is really creamy as well which I love in a face mask. What I was most taken by though is the finish it leaves on the skin. I have okay skin as far as things go, apart from it being oily, so it's rare that I see a significant difference after using a face mask, but this made my skin look and feel really fresh, and evened out some slight discolouration around my brow bone, which was greatly appreciated.

- Cute simple packaging
- Creamy consistency
- Delicate scent
- Bright fresh look left on skin

- Could do with more product in the tube (but hey, when isn't this a con?)

Will definitely re purchase!

You can buy the Korres Face Mask here. RRP £7.00/16ml

P.S. They do some nice sets which be fabulous for festival season!

Sherry x

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