Thursday, 4 July 2013

Anti Blemish Week #4 - Covering the buggers up

Whilst we're all so ready to preach on how to get rid of blemishes, it really doesn't help whilst we have them on our face. So follow my easy step guide to covering up the cheeky blighters flawlessly!

But firstly, the big question; before or after?
In all honesty, it doesn't matter when you apply your concealer, whether it's before or after your foundation, personally I like to apply mine after, because then I can see what spots are still showing through, it it ends up with me using a lot less product than I would have otherwise.

So without a doubt, applying cover up like a pro:

1. Put your base on. Foundation, BB Cream, or just a bit of moisturiser. Whatever you use on a day to day basis as your face base.

2. Pick your poison. Here you have to choose your concealer, go for a thicker one like Benefit's Boi-ingMac's Studio Finish Concealer or Clinique's Even Better Concealer.

3. Next you'll want to apply the concealer in a patting motion. This prevents it rubbing back off on to your fingers - N.B. Applying the concealer with your finger helps to warm the product up, but make sure they're clean!

4. Setting. Pick a loose translucent powder. I say translucent, you can use a tinted one if you want, but translucent ones are less likely to make the skin look cakey. Brush powder lightly over the top. Wait five minutes, then set once more. This second setting will make sure the make up stays put.

So, songbirds. Go forth and apply make up like you were born to do it!

Sherry x

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