Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lipsticks lipsticks lipsticks!

I am a lipstick loser. I will spend ages, choosing the colour, choosing the finish, pay a significant amount of money for it, covet it, pop it in my bag and promptly lose it.

Story of my life.

So I indulged in two new, not so expensive lipsticks from our good ol' friend Topshop!

The beautiful candy floss marshmallow pink shade on the left is Macaroon, and the blue toned red on the right is Rio Rio. Topshop make up is a new thing to me, I usually stick with brands who know their stuff and do their research, but I could not resist the amount of colours they had. And in such beautiful chalk-board packaging!

Macaroon - Velvet Finish

Rio Rio - Matte Finish

Although not as thick of a formula as my favourite MAC Russian Red, I think Rio Rio could be built up to a better opacity.
The winner though, is definitely Macaroon, I love LOVE this colour, it's so flattering and goes on like butter with a slight sheen to the finish. It's super moisturising as well as being so pretty. I may even pop back tomorrow to buy a second one, and maybe a coral shade if I'm feeling rich.

You can buy them for £8.00 here. Or in store!

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  1. My local Topshop doesn't have any of the makeup it's so annoying! Macaroon looks gorgeous though, I think I'm going to have to take the plunge and order some online.

    Hannah x

    1. Do it, you've nothing to lose and only a pretty lipstick to gain :) xx

  2. Macaroon is a gorgeous colour! I haven't tried their makeup before, but it looks lovely on you. xx

    1. Thank you! :) you should have a browse, their nail varnishes are fab too, tonnes of colours xx



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