Sunday, 20 October 2013

Twenty things I will tell my twenty year old children.

I've been gallivanting about to Sheffield and seeing my brother and family recently. But on my travels, I came across an article called 'Things every twenty something should realise'. Although it wasn't a great post, it got me thinking; if I were to re live these past couple of years, late teens to early twenties. What would I want to know that I didn't? And these are the things I came up with.

1. Spend less time getting ready in the morning - I distinctly remember getting up at six in the morning to leave the house at eight thirty, no one needs that much time.
2. Hit the snooze button less.
3. You are what you eat - don't fad diet, buy a really great cook book and learn to cook.
4. Run - everything gets better when you run. Less stress, more sleep, better skin, better confidence.
5. Realise that it's okay to take a break from partying, and read a book instead.
6. Know that reading a book is a lot better for you than reality TV, as much as you like it.
7. Always wear a condom.
8. Make a bucket list.
9. When you think you're missing out, you're not.
10. Sex is always better when you're emotionally involved with a partner.
11. Savings accounts are cool.
12. Stop expecting your relationship to be perfect, work at it, and if your other half doesn't work at it, ditch them and find someone who will.
13. Spend less time hating life and more time listening to people, because they're really interesting.
14. The most interesting people are those who are interested in others - so be interested in everything, art, music, media, criminology, aerospace engineering, business and accounting.
15. If you're going to get a tattoo, have an idea, then if you still want it in a month, then get it, because you know you'll still want it.
16. Don't raise your voice, better your argument.
17. Don't have secrets, if you have secrets, people can have power over you - my creative writing teacher told me this once and it stuck with me since, and he is the most emotionally healthy person I've ever met.
18. Live for a year in a big city, or abroad.
19. Make plans for the future, don't expect to stick to them, but make plans and get excited about things.
20. Don't be afraid to fall in love.

What would you tell your twenty year old self?

Love always,

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