Sunday, 7 July 2013

365 plays...and books #2

I recently just finished reading American Psycho - which I'll review at a later date when I've figured out what I think of it - and started scouring my bookshelves for another read when I came across a much dusty well loved book called Birdsong.

Some of you might know Birdsong from the BBC production of it starring the absolutely drop dead boyishly beautiful Eddie Redmayne. I studied this book for A Level, a long time ago now, and it was the first book I had ever read which made me shed a bucket load of tears.

It's split in to three parts and follows a man named Stephen Wraysford through the First World War and the time he spent before hand in France. Sebastian Faulks creates some really wonderful characters who you get to love. It's also a really interesting book, in that I never knew there was almost a whole second war going on underneath the ground. Soldiers from both sides would tunnel underneath no mans land and try to bomb each others tunnels, and they would take a caged bird down with them so they could be warned if the tunnel was filling with gas, the bird would die and they would have enough time to scarper before explosions hit/the gas killed them. Pretty clever right?

Sebastian Faulks has written a few other books too, one of which I will definitely put on my summer reading list.

You can buy Birdsong from Amazon for £5.59 here, or you can pop it on your Kindle for slightly cheaper.

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