Thursday, 27 June 2013

Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion - Oil Free SPF 15

I'm undecided about how to review this product. I received this free after picking up the 'Tropicoral' set, which I LOVE and will review as soon as I can. Anywho, this came in the cutest packaging, it was a sample size, so the bottle was a miniature version of the big one, which makes it oh so endearing. Like when they used to do those really tiny bottles of cola, and looking at them filled me with warm fuzzies, this bottle is similar. However the actual moisturiser is a pain to get out. Well not so much yet, but I can imagine that when the product is close to running out, you'll be banging this bottle on the palm of your hand until it's sore. So cute packaging, but not so practical.

The moisturiser though, I am really really fond of. My skin oozes oil all day every day, and I look like a swamp monster within hours of putting make up on. I cleanse with Clinique's three step formula, number three for oily skin, and this works in perfect combination with it, when I want a change from the moisturising gel. Also, it smells divine.
The finish on it is a matte finish, but it makes me skin feel so healthy and glowy that I'd consider not using a primer if I were to put make up on, which is a nice change for summer.

However, it leaves a bitter lingering taste around my lips, which is bizarre to encounter after moisturising.

I would without a doubt purchase this again, awkward bottle and all, if it weren't for the price tag, a hefty £20.50 for 50ml.

So maybe, one day, if I ever make it as an actress, they'll send me it free.

You can buy Triple Performing Facial Emulsion here.

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